Supporting Our Community

Life has its many challenges. Luckily for the most of us, we have great family and friends to support us. We live in a great country which tries to provide services and assistance for its residents when they are in need. But what about those people who fall between the cracks? What about those groups who just don’t fit the mould for government or corporate support? What about those groups who are seeking funding support to really help people in need? What about those that are really suffering and could use some positive influence around them? So why don’t we … Make a Difference!

The Make a Difference Foundation is just that, a dedicated group of people who want to make a difference in people’s lives. The Foundation is driven by sense of ‘giving back’ to those who need help, in whichever form (i.e. time, donation, building, awareness etc).

Unfortunately, some people are living their life without support, positivity and hope.

-lets change that … let’s Make a Difference!